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Carpet Cleaning Services

Over the years The Ruggery has offered our clients cleaning and restoration services for our hooked rugs. Now with the addition of  Joseph Misiakiewicz at the helm of The Ruggery we offer a cleaning service for all of your area rugs as well as in house cleaning of your carpets, drapes and upholstery. The Ruggery has teamed up with JM Cleaning Services. With over 30 years experience in the cleaning field, and was always highly recommended by Mr. Wells himself. We feel JM Cleaning Services is the highest quality cleaning and restoration for all your cleaning needs.

Free estimates are provided with a full guarantee from The Ruggery that you will be totally satisfied with the services.



The rugs are vacuumed front and back. Then we use our scubbing machine with the highest grade shampoo to clean the fibers and loosen any dirt in the rug,  the rugs are then extracted to remove and chemicals and dirt. This process is the best and safest way to clean you fine orientals.


Please Call 516 676-2056 or e-mail us for inquires regarding the cleaning and repair of carpets.