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Blythe Danner visits The Ruggery to Review her rug

We were happy to have Blythe Danner in our new Locust Valley shop

to check in on the rug we have been making for her.

Mrs Danner and Joe reviewing yarn colors for her rug

Mrs Danner and Joe reviewing yarn colors for her rug

Together with our designers we fine tuned the colors to

Blythe’s palette using fabric samples from her Nantucket home.

It has been great fun having her come to our place and have a

direct helping hand in the manufacturing of her rug. Blythe’s

passion has been an inspiration for the folks in our shop.

Blythe Danner and Deinse from The Ruggery

                             Blythe Danner and Denise from The Ruggery


A small traditional hooked rug that she saw at a friend’s house

    inspired the 10×12 foot rug we are in the

process of hand hooking for Mrs. Danner.

Traditional wall hanging

Traditional wall hanging

Mrs. Danner has designed many rugs in the past and we are

happy to help her with this new project. We believe the end

result will be a beautiful addition to her already lovely home.

Blythe's rug being hooked in our Locust Valley shop

Blythe’s rug being hooked in our Locust Valley shop

  Blythe was versed on the dying process we use for our rugs. The

wool was dyed a base color similar to the main background

color of her rug. From there the wool is over-dyed to reach the exact

colors needed. When the final product is complete all the colors

work harmoniously together.

The Ruggery is proud to be able to make custom hooked rugs in America at our Locust Valley Long Island shop!

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