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Textured striped rug restored at The Ruggery

Following is a brief history about a rug made many years ago, and still has great appeal in today’s life style


Mid Century modern rug. Made at The Ruggery in 1959

“Modern” style rug. Made at The Ruggery in 1962



This is a great example of a George Wells design made for a client in Brooklyn heights.

The rug came back to us all these years later for a little TLC.

We had to re-hook some areas that were getting a little worn, along with re-latexing the back,

this rug should last for another 60 years.

The Ruggery receives many hooked rugs for repair and restoration,

we feel obligated to keep these rugs alive for another generation.

Close up of a portion of the rug

Rug Detail




The rug has been loved by the original owner for all these years and is being past down to their daughter for her family to enjoy. The earth tones and style of this mid-century modern are a testament to the quality and style of The Ruggery.

¬†Quote by George Wells “This rug of textured stripes, shown as a suggestion, not a pattern, was one of the first 5 rugs I made and is still one of the most interesting”


Original sketch from 1962. As you can see on the left hand side, the notes regarding color changes from the water color sketch. The process is the same as we follow today. Our designers produce a water color sketch for the client, then colors are reviewed and changes made if need be.

This one of many rugs restored at The Ruggery, when an older rug comes in for restoration that have been made in our shop we view these rugs as old friends and are glad to lend a hand.

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