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The Ruggery Mid-century Modern Designs

Simple and effective use of color

Mid-Century Modern look is experiencing a massive comeback in interior design. Perhaps it’s because we’ve entered a new Space Age of sorts, with the powers of the internet and computer technology digitizing almost every aspect of our lives; or, perhaps the curvy, minimalist style of the 1950’s and 1960’s simply goes well with contemporary designs, which also place an emphasis on graceful forms and user-optimization. Either way, these beautiful vintage rugs look just as modern as they did when they first premiered, half a century ago.

The sketch’s in the following article were drawn and conceived at The Ruggery in the time period know as the mid-century, as apposed to re-designing to emulate that great and dynamic design period in American history.

Although the American component was slightly more organic in form and less formal than the International Style. The rug design below is an example of a beautiful and simplistic style of the time.

The mid-century period of design was highly tactile with its textiles: velvet, crushed velvet, corduroy, leather, even fur. Featured frequently — and even simultaneously — in mid-century decor. Mid-century modern style holds on to the practice of mixing textured textiles, but does so on a much more minimalist scale. The following image is an excellent example of this.

Combination of hooked rug and Jaguar skin re purposed from an old coat.

Aesthetically, the mid-century modern craze was characterized by an emphasis on fabricating objects from futuristic materials, like chrome, lucite, and other plastics. “Martian” color schemes, including other-worldly, chemically produced hues like burnt orange, acid green, and luminous violet became de rigueur.

Carpets were not immune from the trend, and took color and patterning cues from the astronomical zeitgeist of the day: Mathematical tessellations, lava-like curves, and spacey bubbles and stars began cropping up in the rugs of the era’s most stylish homeowners.

This carpet hand hooked at The Ruggery (commissioned by Bilhuber Inc.) installed wall to wall in a Townhouse in San Francisco 2016
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